Several SMATHERIA team members attended the SMA patient conference in Mainz, organized by the German Muscle Foundation. Renowned for its warm and familial atmosphere, this conference emphasizes meaningful interactions with patients and their families. As part of the event, Daniela Kuhn and Lara Marie Elias (MHH) had the great opportunity to collect saliva samples from patients and documented their dental status for the SMADENTAL project. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to participate in this study.

Talks from the SMATHERIA team:

Peter Claus: Big Data, Big Insights: Entschlüsselung von Biomarkern für die SMA (Talk 1); Wo die Reise hingeht: Die aufregenden Perspektiven in der SMA-Forschung (Talk 2)

Daniela Kuhn: Gesunde Zähne, gesamte Gesundheit: Präventionsstrategien für SMA-Betroffene

Natalie Titz: Wenn Gene den Stoffwechsel beeinflussen: SMA-Entdeckungen im Rampenlicht

Katharina Strienke: Das SMN-Protein im Fokus: ein schwieriger Fall und wie wir ihn gelöst haben.